Kids Helping Kids

Stick horses and kids have been pals and partners for years. Today, they are more popular than ever. Kids of all ages, from around the world, are having stick horse fun using their imagination pretending to be whatever they want to be. Maybe as a Wild West good guy, a bucking bronco rider, barrel racer, just jumping and running, or simply taking an easy relaxing ride around along the lane. Kids love stick horses and really enjoy participating in a variety of fun games and organized stick horse events like a Whoadeo™ and other competitive stick horse activities.

Stick Horse Kids™ is all about bringing kids, stick horses, families, and communities together to enjoy spectacular events that support children's charities. Together we facilitate action-packed fundraising activities for approved local and national children's charities. Kids, families, and communities are joining together to have a good time with stick horses while helping raise funds for kids with greater needs.

Regardless of your age, you can help the Stick Horse Kids™ by simply adding your name to our membership list showing your interest and support. If you are interested in sponsoring a fundraising event in your area or if you want to be part of a national "Stick Horse Relay Express" fundraiser, we would like to hear from you. 

Email us at: or call us at 386-935-1206.

"Stick Horses are Yesterday's Memories and Today's Good Times"