"Tiny Timber Finds a Friend"

Young and old readers alike will revel in the wit and charity of this incredibly sweet tale that fondly recalls days of yore. Tiny Timber Finds a Friend by new author Dan Cavanah is a new classic of children's literature. As charming as it is sincere, this brightly illustrated picture book is perfect for beginning readers as the text has a rhyming pattern that makes words easy to grasp.

Wild horses could not drag Tiny Timber, a stick horse with a heart of gold, from his new friend, a fair-haired boy with a vivid imagination. As the two canter, gallop, race, strut and stride across the wide open plains, hills and valleys of their mind's eye, they dream big dreams. At once the two are rodeo stars, then polo players, then a jockey with the fastest horse on the track, then a trick horse rider hanging from the saddle. Why, they even deliver the mail as workhorse and rider. There is no stopping Tiny Timber and his new friend. It is easy for readers and riders to get excited about this lad and his passion for this very special breed of horse.


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"Read and Ride With Tiny Timber"
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"Tiny Timber Finds a Friend"
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"Tiny Timber Finds a Friend"
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Tiny Timber says, "Read a Book and Ride a Stick Horse." 

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